Availabe at no cost to you. (Yes, free of charge!)

BUT FIRST, a word from the author:

1. Brothers and Sisters in Christ: You and I received the Gospel of Jesus by
grace alone through faith alone.
We paid nothing. Jesus paid it all. The courses I have written, SONSHIP for
Africa, Grace pour la Vie (French), Ligenet (Amharic), Ny Maha Zananka
(Malagasy) and Grace4Life (for the UK) are nothing more than the Gospel
applied to our hearts, the Gospel for which I paid nothing.

THEREFORE, these courses, written to bless the Body of Christ are to be
distributed free of charge with the stipulation that,
on your Christian honor,
you will not profit financially through the printing and sale of these manuals.
The actual printing or photocopy costs may be recovered from those you
teach, nothing more. Agreed? Thank you! Bless you!

2. I would also ask that if you do download and use any of these courses,
that you kindly let me know via email so that I can keep up with the range of
their distribution. I would also ask for suggestions as to how they may be
improved. We value your feedback!

His sheep and your servant,
Dr. John Wade Long, Jr.

IMPORTANT: These materials were produced in Africa or the UK using the
European (metric) A4 paper format - not the USA 8 1/2 x 11" "Letter" size
paper. Therefore, when you print the lessons, be sure that in the print dialoge
of Adobe Reader, you CHECK/TICK the "Fit" box (see the screen shot below).
The software will then automatically reduce the page size to fit. To check this,
be sure that the page numbers appear at the bottom of the pages.

SONSHIP for Africa - a 16 lesson course designed for sub-Saharan
discipleship. Available
now in English and French, in 2018 in Malagasy.
An Amharic version is available through the "Arise Ekklesia" ministry in Addis
Ababa, Ethiopia where it is used as a text.

  English link:  
SONSHIP for Africa

  French link:  Grâce pour la Vie

Grace4Life - a 12 lesson course designed for the UK, but being widely used
in the USA as well. Suggestion: Download the INTRODUCTION to get an idea
of the course content and potential benefits. Some churches are using it as a
Sunday School curriculum offering, but the time constraints are such that one
lesson needs to be spread out over two Sundays. The best venue for the
course, what I designed it for, it the more intimate MIDWEEK HOME GROUP
where there is ample time for discussion of the lesson's content, for people
to share how it it impacting their hearts, and for praying for one another.

  Grace4Life link:  Grace4Life

Grace, mercy & peace!
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the Adobe Acrobat
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         Sonship week in Antananarivo, Madagascar
         What SONSHIP teaches us NOT to be!
    Grace4Life class - London City Mission - CV Students