OUR PIPES - great huffing, puffing (and bluffing) machines
  - Jim Hankinson, in his Bluff your Way in Philosophy  says:

        any genuine philosophers smoke pipes.
The reason is probably self-evident: if you are asked a really       
      awkward question, or are otherwise put on the spot, all you have to do is take the pipe out of an inside pocket (you
will find that this makes the inside pocket particularly disgusting after a few days: but bluffers must suffer for
their art, like everyone else), after making some preliminary remark such as: 'Well, the really important thing about
that seems to me at least to be,' and set about lighting it.
You can make this operation last five minutes with no difficulty, and much longer with practice -and, provided you
interject the occasional comment of an entirely non-committal nature as you knock, clean, scrape, blow through,
dismantle, reassemble, load, pack, tamp, light, draw on, re-light, re-tamp, draw on again, and emit large and noxious
clouds of smoke from the pipe, no one will suspect that you are playing for time. Do this well enough, and you can avoid
having to answer the question at all.
Other props and social tics... have their uses, but none of them beats the pipe,
which also manages for some reason to make whoever is smoking it look knowledgeable."  
  ( Ravette Publishing, 1985 )
"Stick it in yer pip'n smoak it!"
So, our breath smells like a baboon's bum. Fret not!
The advert below proves pipe smoking is the key to
attracting members of the opposite sex.
(Driving a ragtop
doesn't hurt either, aye Bridgette?)
"I believe that pipe smoking
contributes to a somewhat
calm and objective judgement
in all human affairs."

- Albert Einstein, 1950
Tobacco Timeline (History) - by Gene Boria - 150
pages from Toltecs to Tobacco Bans (web link).

Of course we could all be totally unoriginal and rely on...
Tobacco Reviews , but what's the fun in that?
And, to boot,
they've sometimes steered me terribly wrong.
So? Lend us
your wisdom!

Mac Baren Flake - History, Manufacture & use

Really, let's get some of the wisdom, we hear at our
Club meetings in print!

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"Diplomacy is entirely a question of the weed. I can
always settle a quarrel if I know beforehand whether
the plenipotentiarysmokes Cavendish, Latakia, or Shag."

-Lord Clarendon (English Foreign Secretary)
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My favourite pipe tobacco is ...
because ...

My favourite pipe tobacco is ...
because ...

An 18th Century English "Smoaking Club"
* A tamper.  ** Porter refers to an ale-style beer.
BELOW: Victorian pipe stoppers from the J.W. Long collection.
1960s Balkan Sobranie tin
- J.W. Long Collection