Vincent Van Gogh
Youth with a pipe - Hendrick Jansz Terbrugghen
The Card Players - Paul Cézanne - early 1890s
Self Portrait - Emile Horace Vernet
Van Gogh - Self Portrait - Summer 1888
in Arles, France
The Commandant - Lord Paget, entertains the Duke of Cumberland in Ivry Street
1808 - note their meershaum Stummels. A man would own several pipe heads (cased), but
one or two stems for them. These were typically made from cherry wood with the bark left
on. Taverns and gentlemen's quarters kept long stems on hand so that one could travel with
his kalmash head in a leather case - sans the cumbersome stem.   
LEFT & BELOW:Meerschaum Austro-Hungarian "Kalmasch" - hallmarked London 1855, the
meerschaum probabyly carved in Vienna.
Stem: 15.5" - cherry, buffalo horn & flexible woven horse hair.
From the collection of John Wade Long, Jr.