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The Pipe Club Of London is an experience to savour - like your
favourite tobacco.

The rewards of membership are many. Here you’ll be able to share and
increase your enjoyment and passion for pipe smoking with acknowledged
denizens of the pipe world, who are as varied as their collections of pipes.

Our membership is global and growing.

Here are just some of the benefits:

regular meetings at convivial venues without overtaxing your pocket
guest speakers on every topic under the sun
bonhomie and the opportunity to forge new friendships and connections
relaxation in the company of like-minded individuals
access to a goldmine of information on the lore and lure of the pipe
valuable discounts on selected pipes and associated tobacciana
social events

Come along to our next meeting
and introduce yourself.

You’ll find a hearty welcome and wonder why you didn’t join years ago.

Or, for more information contact any club member.

The Pipe Club Of London -- the pipe club for pipe smokers.
THE PIPE CLUB OF LONDON, the premier Pipe Club in Great
Britain was founded in 1970, with a view to promote and protect
the interests of pipe smokers, and to offer them social
entertainment and educational facilities connected with pipes and
tobacco. We are an International Club with over 300 members in
25 countries as far apart as Malaysia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia,
Taiwan and The USA.

Meetings are held regularly in and around London. Details of
meetings can be obtained from the Secretary, and will soon be
available on the club web site.

Activities include: Tobacco tasting; talks on pipes, tobaccos
and items of other interest; Interclub, regional, national and
international pipe smoking contests; visits to pipe-factories,
etc. In addition, the Club meets on occasion certain pipe
smoking celebrities, and at all events, meeting, competitions,
etc. Female pipe smokers are more than welcome. At present
the Club has six active lady members.

On receipt of the first annual subscription for either FULL or
ASSOCIATE membership, each member receives a lapel badge,
membership card and Club sticker. Copies of the Club’s Journal
are forwarded periodically (usually twice a year) to all paid up

As of June 1st. 2008:
Annual renewal of FULL membership is £25.00; or €40.00; or

Annual renewal of ASSOCIATE membership is £15.00 (or €20.00 /
$30.00) if paid BEFORE 30th June.

All payments after this date will be surcharged by £5.00
(or €8.00 / $10.00). There is also a £5.00 (or €8.00 / $10.00) joining
fee for first time applicants.

PayPal Address for your Membership Fees:

FULL MEMBERSHIP applies to those members who are able to
attend meeting, and other events organised by, or attended by the
Club as a body.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP applies to those living in the UK, who by
reason of distance, age, infirmity, etc. are unable to attend the majority
of meetings or events. The same criteria applies also to members
outside the UK.

E-MEMBERSHIP For details, click HERE.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS who wish to attend meetings or events
organised or attended by the Club will be required to pay a fee of £2.00
(or €3.00 / $4.00) either to The Secretary or a committee member for
each event. Such monies paid will be recorded by the person appointed
to collect such dues.

Direct all membership inquiries to:

John D. Green, Hon. Secretary & Treasurer

Membership Application Form

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as" to copy the .PDF file to your computer. We
suggest that you save the file to your Desktop
where it may be easily located for printing.

THANK YOU for  your interest!
- The Lads & Lassies of the PCoL
RIGHT: Our esteemed member:
Sir Lancelot Link, Esq., Ph.D.,DDT, LSMFT
Member No. PCoL UK#007F

"Lance," as he prefers to be called, is a resident
of Regent's Park, London, NW1 ZOO
or so of them, sitting around a large long table... Perfect
equality is to be the rule; no rising or notice taken when
anybody enters or leaves. Let the entering man take his
place and pipe, without obligatory remarks; if he cannot
smoke...let him at least affect to do so, and not ruffle the
established stream of things."

- Thomas Carlyle, describing the smoking room of George I of Hanover
For a brief PCol Club history,