by John Wade Long, Jr.

Dateline: Oxford Mississippi,
Autumn of 1960
......Our History
The Pipe Club of London was
formed in 1970 in association
with the late Pipe Club of Great
Britain with a view to encourage
the appreciation of quality pipes
and fine tobaccos, and, to
promote the interests of
members by offering them social
entertainment and educational
facilities connected with pipes
and tobacco.

The Club is truly international in
scope, having approximately 300
members in 26 countries and
visitors to this website from 145
nations around the world.

Meetings are held at various
venues in and around the greater
London metropolitan area. Please
click on the Club Calendar tab for
specific venues, dates and times.

All pipe smokers whether novice
or expert, men or ladies are
welcome to attend. Activities
include tobacco tasting, talks
on pipes and tobaccos, pipe-
smoking competitions, visits
to pipe factories--and the
camaraderie of like-minded
pipe smokers.
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1. James J. Fox
2nd Tuesday of each month.
19 St. James's Street
London SW1A 1ES

Time: 6:00 ~ 8:00 pm

"Pipe Dreams" HERE
James J. FoxYouTube Channel: HERE

2. The Swan
3rd Saturday of each month - but
always check our Club
Calendar for
details of away events.

121 The High Road - Horndon-on-the-Hill
SS17 8LD

Time: 11:30 am
for a 12:00 pm
for a map.
Read online reviews for the pub
Freshman English was taught by the
venerable Ms. Stone, a personal friend
of the great author, William Faulkner.
“Will,” as she called him, had won the
Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950 for his
contribution to the American novel.

And, two of his works, A Fable (1954)
and his last novel The Reivers (1962),
won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
Ms. Stone’s frequent references to Will
– completely off-topic from the subject
at hand – set us to wondering if she
was hinting that they had a more than
a casual relationship.

No matter, “Embryo,” one of my Kappa
Sigma fraternity brothers from Lake
Charles, Louisiana (so nicknamed for
his embryonically shaped ears) and I
were increasingly enthralled by this
man of legend who was known to be a
great pipeman. “Bro’,” as I called him
for short, and I had both experimented
with pipe smoking since our high school
days. One weekend, we hitched a ride
with a friend going home to Memphis
for the weekend.
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Tuesday 8 September
James J. Fox, est. 1787
19 St. James's Street (A4)
London - SW1A 1ES
Upcoming Meetings
Saturday 19 September
Visit to Blakemar Briars.
Club Officers
 President Emeritus
Peter C. Wiseman UK050L
& 1st Lady Bridgette Wiseman
Tel. 01689 607528

Bernard Allotey
Tel. 0795 0605617

Chairman/Hon. Secretary-
John Green UK270L

 Vice Chairman
Gottfried Panzer UK165L
Tel. 0208 8470983

 Media Officer
Laurence Kothari UK439F


Committee Members
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William Cuthbert Faulkner
September 25, 1897 – July 6, 1962
We were on a quest, Bro' and me,
to visit the famed “Memphis Tobacco
Bowl” on Madison Avenue where we
easily depleted our pocket books.
Bro’ had been saving up, so had
enough to buy a lovely Dunnhill. My
paltry $25 netted three lesser pipes,
a lovely no-brand rusticated
Canadian, a squat bulldog with a
crystal clear steam, and a tiny
Kaywoodie Campus which I have to
this day. Alas, my entire collection,
save for the Kaywoodie, was stolen
from my dorm room the last day of
classes that year.

Bro’ and I were so enamored of Will
Faulkner, we got it in our heads to
drive to his home outside Oxford and
pay him a visit. I borrowed my
roomate’s spiffy red and white ’58
Chevy hardtop and we set out for
Rowan Oak. Arriving, I turned into
the drive and eased forward ever
so slowly to minimise the "crunch,
crunch" of the gravel and stopped
some distance from the house.
Screwing up our courage, we
reached for the door handles and...
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Pulitzer Prize & Nobel Prize Winner
I remember well my first weekend
visit back home to Jackson, Mississ-
ippi. My two younger brothers were
sniggering and my parents were
appalled at the sight of their eldest
son - shorn of his jet black mane.
And my head was - and is - a horrid
shape with great knots protruding
on each side 4" above my ears.  
They're “knowledge bumps,” my
mother cooed in a vain attempt to
alleviate my embarrassment.
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the 1960s. They called it "hazing,"
and within a few days of moving into
your Spartan accommodation (a
male dormitory), your head was
summarily shaved, and you were
required to buy – and faithfully wear
- a silly looking freshman “beanie.”
assured for freshman lads
entering the University of
Mississippi ("Ole Miss") in