ABOVE: Meerschaum figural Snipe - bakelite "bill" stem
Meerschaum head, meerschaum bowl insert, glass eyes, cased.
Length: 5 3/4" - 14.5 cm - Origin Vienna (prob.) - Date: ? circa 1935 ?

From the collection of: Trevor Burgess  PCoL #UK615F
BELOW: Meerschaum skull - rosewood stem - bone tip - 5.75" / 14.5mm
A bit macabre, perhaps, but a common genre of antique art called
Memento mori - "remember
you are mortal"
Origin: unkown. Believe it or not, a very good smoker!
Date:circa 1850 - 1900
From the collection of: John Wade Long, Jr. PCoL #UK603F
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Meerschaum is a soft white mineral, a hydrous magnesium silicate. It is sometimes found floating on the Black Sea,
and rather suggestive of sea-foam (German: Meerschaum), whence also the French name for the same substance,
écume de mer. Meerschaum is opaque and of white, grey or cream color, breaking with a conchoidal or fine earthy
fracture, and occasionally fibrous in texture. Because it can be readily scratched with the nail, its hardness is placed at
about 2. The specific gravity varies from 0.988 to 1.279, but the porosity of the mineral may lead to error.
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LEFT & ABOVE: Meerschaum "Kalmasch" - in the  German style - hallmarked London 1850,
probably carved in Vienna - silverwork by Benjamin Barling, London.  The sterling cap and
stem mount are decorated with the English rose, Scottish thistle and Irish shamrock
(inset at left). From the Johnny Long collection.  PCoL #UK603F
LEFT: Block
silver mount -
vulcanite mouithpiece

Date: c. 1880 - 1890

From the collection of:
John Green
PCoL #U270KL
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RIGHT & BELOW: Figural Ram's Head
circa 1950 - from the workshop of
Ihsan Girgin (GIRGIN Pipes) in
Eskisehir, Turkey. L. 18.5cm / 7.5 in.

From the Johnny Long collection.  
PCoL #UK603F Unsmoked (15 April 2014