DEDICATED: To all us poor sods afflicted
with P.A.D. (Pipe Acquisition Disorder)
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Photos of your favourite pipes urgently needed!

This is your website and provides you with an opportunity to share
your choicest pipe and pipe-related treasures with your fellow
members and a world of pipe collectors out there. Initially, just to
have representative pipes or pipe related items of each type,
specimens from the Webmaster's personal collection will be very much
in evidence. However, wherever possible, these photos will be
replaced as you provide examples of your favourites.

Please submit photos of your pipes/s and pipe-related paraphernalia
to the Webmaster:

Ideally the photos should be close-ups, but sharpness is the most
important thing. Sorry, but out-of-focus photos will not be posted.

IF you need help photographing your pipes, your webmaster is on
call to help you. Pre-Arrange with me to have them photographed at  
a club meeting, or, I can pop by your home.

PLEASE include a detailed description of the your pipe including the  
full nomenclature (if markings are present) and any relevant details
you would like included such as the date of acquisition, where it was
bought, the price, etc. If your pipe has silver fittings, be sure to give
details of the hallmarks: maker's initials, assay mark, and date letter.
Consult the website hallmark pages if you need help dating your silver
mounted pipe.

MANY THANKS to all of you who have already submitted photos.
Keep up the good work!
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Pipes of all Types

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Briars - 1901 - 1945

Briars - 1946 - present 1

Briars - 1946 - present 2

Briars - 1946 - present 3

Briars - 1946 - present 4


Clays - antique & modern

Corncob pipes

Ethnic & Tribal pipes

Figural pipes (people & animal)


Novelty pipes

System pipes

Pipe Accessories

Pipe Tampers, tools & reamers


Match Safes (vestas)

Pipe Rests & Racks
Oddball Kaywoodie 99B (sans the classic Kaywoodie clover logo)
From the collection of Johnny Long UK603F
STUCK with a Mystery Pipe in hand?  
I receive one or two requests each month from people around the
world who are seeking to identify - or find the value of - a vintage
pipe or bit of pipe-related paraphernalia.  
Sometimes I'm stumped, but more often than not, I can either help
or put you in touch with an expert who can.
The essential element is a good set of in-focus high-resolution
close-up photographs of the pipe or object. NOTE: All stampings on
the pipe (the "nomenclature") and silver hallmarks, if any, are
especially helpful (see the example below).

- Johnny Long, PCoL Webmaster -