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BELOW LEFT: Corona - rare vintage flint &
petrol pipe lighter - solid brass, circa 1940. (IM
Corona began making cigar lighters almost 75 years
ago.) - from the Johnny Long collection - UK603F.
Zippo pipe
action by Patrick
Brain. Solid
brass case, flint
& petrol. Zippo
lighers were
first introduced
in 1932.
Corona Old Boy
flint & butane lighter.
Arguably, the world's
best all- round pipe
lighter, it features an
adjustable flame and a
retractable pipe
tool/tamper in the base.
Available in a choice of
finishes, it's a favourite of
many PCoL members.
The only downsice - it's a
bit pricey.
LOWER LEFT: Zippo - solid brass Harley-Davidson
"Patriotic Eagle". The classic Zippo is a versatile little
beast. Your favourite standard size (non-slim) lighter
can be retro-fitted with a pipe lighter insert.
This lighter  replaces an identical one lost on a forest walk
in 2007. It's an efficient pipe lighting tool and also serves
as a tribute to my one and only mistress, a 2003
FLHRCI Road King Classic. From the Johnny Long
collection - PCol UK603F.
LEFT: three vintage
slide-type flint &
petrol pipe lighters

Left to right:
1. Nimrod - aluminium,
circa 1947 from the
Ward-Nimrod Co.,
Cincinatti, Ohio, USA.

2. Flamidor
- aluminium,
stamped on bottom filler
cap "Made in England" -
similar to the Flambeau
Flamidors made in France.

3. Corona - probably of
pre-WW2 Japanese  

From the Johnny Long
collection - UK603F
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ABOVE: The superb pipe lighter collection of Alexei Tseitlin.
ABOVE: Trench Art - 1933 Irish Penny coin split in
half and inset into a large brass nut.
Size: H. 2 " (54mm) x W. 1.5" (41mm)

From the Johnny Long collection - UK603F
For the obverse of King George VI, click the photo.