BELOW: Peterson - Sherlock

From the collection of: Alan
Rockliffe     PCoL #UK103F
LEFT: "PM" (make) - Churchwarden
- nickel mount

From the collection of: Peter Bersey  
PCoL #UK138L
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ABOVE: "Bud" with pipe -
Dog and pipe owned by

Bob Kerr
, our one
esteemed Club member
from Down Under
- PCoL
RIGHT: Michael says: "The Peterson
one of my late Uncle's. I coveted it
for years, and when it was given to me, it
turned out to be the worse pipe I'd ever
held or smoked.  It remains though a
special pipe as it belonged to my
favourite Uncle. The
Stanwell Hans
Christian Anderson
is No 340 of a series
of 361. Bought in Peter Heinrick's shop in
Cologne by me dear lady wife. The
Comoy has such a fabulous mouth piece
that it's a joy to smoke and The
Ashton Anniversary pipe
(No5) is of
course a special pipe and also a fabulous
smoke.  I notice now, looking at them
that they are all silver mounted,
pretentious moi?
From the collection of: Michael Gratrick
PCoL #UK231F
LEFT: Dunhill - a rare silver
capped Shillingden.
From the collection of: Alan
- PCoL #UK103F
BELOW: Ashton - England -
Pebble Grain
From the collection of: Bob
McWatt - PCoL #UK362F
BELOW: Ashton  Gilt Edge
Lovatt XXX
- with Ashtonite

Acquired from Bill Taylor in April
2009 at the last PCoL meeting he
was able to attend.
From the collection of: John W.
Long, Jr.
- PCoL #UK603F
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