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NOTE: The Collectors' Corner pages are exclusively for displaying items in the collections of members of the Pipe Club of London.
LEFT (being smoked): Parker of London – Saddle Bulldog - Bruyere
- From the collection of Trevor Burgess - PCol #615F

"Harry" - the Bearded Collie of Colette ("Cole") and Trevor was just 6
mos. old when he spotted this pipe and packed off with it! Trevor
reports that 12 years on, both dog and pipe are doing splendidly.

(This is a scan of a 12 year-old photo -
not a bit of Photoshop trickery.)
LEFT: Dunhill Churchwarden

From the collection of: Peter Bursey  
PCoL #UK138L
"CAT" - a custom briar figural
by Bill Ashton Taylor
for Bernard Allotey
PCoL #UK372F
ABOVE: Hardcastles's - vintage briars from
the collection of Patrick Brain (a Hardcastle's
collector) -
PCoL #UK606F
LEFT: "Horse Chestnut pipe" - by
Danail Ublekov, apprentice to
Georgi Todorov of Getz Pipes in
Bulgaria - -
made to Nik's specifications.

From the collection of: Nikola
Krustev - PCoL #UK624F
LEFT: Ashton -  - England - Old
Church - Ashtonite mouthpiece.

From the collection of: Peter
Wiseman  PCoL #UK050L
BELOW: Karel "Krska' - silver mount briar -
Prague, Czechoslovokia - From the collection
of: Brian Oliver - PCoL #UK347F
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