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The VIDEO CLIPS included with some lessons will be enjoyable to your younger
(under 30) disciples - and older ones who happen to be as weird as the author.

INTRODUCTION - Includes colour title cover insert, inner title with required copyright
notice, the Welcome and an orientation to the course. -
ver. 15 Feb 2010

LESSON 1 - Learning to Live as Sons & Daughters of God - ver. 17 Feb 2010

LESSON 2 - Spiritual Maturity - What is it? - ver. 17 Feb. 2010 (time stamp 23:45)

LESSON 3 - Justified by Faith - Adopted in Love - ver. 22 Feb 2010 (significant rewriting)
 NOTE: The instructions for the Justification & Adoption Mini-Drama mentioned in              
Lesson 3, page 3 - 5 can be found as Appendix D - see APPENDIXES below.

LESSON 4 - How 2 Change - and Lead Others 2 Change - ver. 15 Feb 2010
Video Clip - "Stop It!" - Bob Newhart

LESSON 5 - The Holy Spirit in You & Me - ver. 02 Dec 09 (minor additions pp. 3, 4)
Video Clip - "Mostly Dead" - Miracle Max from The Princess Bride

LESSON 6 - Walking in Fellowship with Our Father - ver. 25 Nov 09 (edits)

LESSON 7 - Learning to Battle the Enemy Within - ver. 29 Oct 09

LESSON 8 - Repentance as a Way of Life - ver. 29 Oct 09

LESSON 9 - Forgiveness as a Way of Life - ver. 09 Apr 2010 (edit p. 9 - 3)

LESSON 10 - Constructive vs. Destructive Conflict - ver. 29 Oct 09

LESSON 11 - The Love Project - Our Final Exam - 09 Nov 09 (edits on pp. 11-2, 3)

LESSON 12 - Mission: Propelled by Grace - 18 (not 20) Nov 09
(TITLE PAGE change - I tried and tried again, but the World Harvest insider language, "The Propulsion   
of Grace" has drawn nothing but blank stares here in the UK, proving that us Yanks are just plain WEIRD.
This explains the change to the less nuanced title, "Propelled by Grace".)

LESSON 12 - Mission: Propelled by Grace - 18 Nov 09 (SANS FISH STORY!)
WHY two Lessson 12s? Here's why: On page 12-8 there is a "fish story" - a joke,
of sorts, that, when read (or told) in the last minutes of the lesson is both funny
and powerful! BUT, you don't want to let the cat out of the bag by letting your
people read it ahead of time. SO... print Lesson 12 SANS the fish story. Then
print copies of pages 12-7 / 12-8 to hand out when you teach the lesson.
Complicated? Nope. Trust me. It's DUCK SOUP if I've pulled it off a half-dozen times!

APPENDIXES - ver. 14 Feb 2010

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RING BINDERS: UK - We use the Staples presentation 4-ring binder in white/black - Item
390807. It has a window for the G4L title page on front - and a clear window for the person's name
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USA -  Use a 3-ring binder (if you can't find 4-ring). We've learned not to
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INDEXED DIVIDERS - Buy the sets of 12 dividers for each manual. Put the Introduction before
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me how I know this.)

Assign at least the opening article (the lesson teaser) and if there's homework, be sure to make the
assignment clear.
Review the homework at the BEGINNING of each class session or you may forget and the class will
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