Dr. Johnny Long      
with SERGE (formerly
World Harvest Mission)
is a recovering Pharisee,
a needy, imperfect
husband, father, grand-
father, and, the author
and teacher of the
SONSHIP for Africa
and Grace4Life courses.
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APOLOGIES! Due to the fact that I am currently writing materials
for - and will be traveling to - "sensitive areas," our Prayer Team
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me to get on the list at: or

Read & pray Wesley' Covenant Prayer. Download
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My life verse: 2 Cor. 4:16ff: "Though the outward man is perishing,
yet the inner man is being renewed day by day...!"   : )
YAWN! NO BIG SWEAT! JESUS LOVES ME, and whatever He brings
along is just fine with me!
Come in, poke around, and listen
to "the joyful music of the Gospel."

Grace4Life, SONSHIP for Africa, Grace pour la Vie?  
What are these courses about?
They are discipleship course
aimed to lead us to a deeper appreciation of, and reliance on, God's
love for us in the Gospel. When we are energised by grace, we are able
to love God and joyfully serve others in word and deed ministry so that
we see the Kingly reign of Jesus come in our hearts, families, churches
and world! Becky and I are with the discipling arm of
SERGE (formerly
World Harvest Mission). We wrote
SONSHIP for Africa as a text for
discipling nationals and missionary teams in English-speaking Africa
Grace4Life was written for our ministry in London
(2005-2011) and
Grace por la Vie grew out of our work in
French-speaking Africa. There are links to all three courses in the right
hand column.


A wee bit of straight talk .....


Where do we get the power to change and help others change - deeply
change - from the inside out - not just rearrange the furniture on the
surface of our lives?
Power. Now there's the rub. [NOTE: DON'T MISS
MENTORED SONSHIP course -16 sessions with an
experienced trainer. Read on and, and if this rings your bell, see the link

The church in our day needs to get hold of the Apostle Paul's "spiritual
mechanics." Paul makes it clear that what powers spiritual growth is the
Gospel--we keep believing in Jesus, looking to Jesus the way we did at the
beginning of our Christian life (Col.2:6). Paul called the Galatians "foolish"
because they moved away from a focus on Jesus' work for them and began
to rely on their attempts to please God by their law-keeping. Put simply,
they were Christians who had "forgotten" the Gospel! (Gal.3:1-5)

As one who traveled that sorry road in ministry for twenty-five years,
flogging myself and others with endless reminders of our obligations
(without seeing much change) I can tell you, it's pure misery for both the
flogger and floggees. But there is good news: There's another way.

JESUS REDUCED all of obedience to two simple commands: Love God with
all your heart; love your neighbour as you love yourself."
 "On these two," he
"hang all the law and the prophets."  (Matt. 22:34ff) That's a rather
astounding thought: love, and you fulfill the whole law! Paul said precisely
the same thing. (
Gal. 5:6 and Rom.13:8-10)

I know what it is to have all the right doctrine but fail miserably at loving
others well - where Jesus says the rubber meets the road: "All the Law
and the Prophets hang on these two commandments" (Matt.22:40). Even
now, my sinful nature urges me to
use rather than love God and others.
Some years ago, had you suggested that my Christian life might have
needed a little tweaking here and there, I might have agreed - reluctantly -
"since you said 'a little tweaking'". I was too frightened to take an honest
deeper look my heart and admit that what I needed was
a whole new life -
a radical paradigm shift concerning what it meant to be "in Christ" and
what it meant to be holy. When you have 20 minutes to spare, read my
sad-happy novelette, "The Gospel Lost & Found" on the
ABOUT US link.  

One thing is sure, I am an expert at living the Christian life wrongly. After
all, if you practise
anything for a quarter-Century, you get terribly good at
it. Having spent so long enmeshed in the Galatian trap, I'm eminently
qualified to help others struggling in it.

There are two particularly dangerous heresies threatening our faith
these days: 1. waffling on the matter of the inspiration and authority of the
Bible, and 2. mucking about with the historic post-Reformation under-
standing of justification by faith alone (denying the imputation of Christ's  
righteousness to believers).
But, even among those of us who have
avoided those errors,
there is an insidious and debilitating loss of
confidence in what Francis Schaeffer called
"the present value of the blood   
of Jesus Christ for our lives."
We have been inundated with a modern
revision of the old Galatian heresy, and it is literally eating the heart out    
of our
Evangelical churches. [See the Schaeffer excerpt in SAMPLE LESSON
BITS link.]

Our passion is to call the Church, pastors and people, back to the Gospel -
to a life of repentant faith - of living, loving and ministering to others based
on our ever-present union with Christ by faith - and to living in conscious
reliance on the Holy Spirit as the power for living the Christian life.

TO THIS END, we offer these study courses - aimed at training you (and
ever-needy me) in how to live and minister on a grace foundation.

SKEPTICAL? Then you're wise! But, before you run off, take a minute or
two to read the TESTIMONIALS of pastors, missionaries and laypeople
whose lives and ministries  have benefited from
"Sonship" in the several
forms we offer.
Try MENTORED SONSHIP with a trained mentor! To ger
details, go to:
and let me - or Jeff McMuller ( - know of your

Do you have a tool in your kit that
can both transform
your heart and the
hearts of those God has entrusted to
you to mentor?

Spiritually speaking, if you feel like you
have "hit a wall", we have some good
news for you. The key to deep and
ongoing spiritual growth is for us to
the Gospel more deeply to our
hearts and the ives of those we
hope to mentor! There's no
that, strictly adhered to, will change us!
What? It's true. This may sound
woefully simplistic, but rest  assured,
we are not into spiritual quackery or
easy answers. There are no "quick
fixes" on offer here.

What we do offer is a personal
realtionship in which we use ministry
tools to help you rediscover the power
of the Gospel to change yourself (first)
and then to minister to those to whom
God has called you to love.    

So, come on in, grab a cuppa and
explore the site. Feel free to print out
and study the excerpts in the SAMPLE
LESSON BITS link, and, if you find your
heart "strangely warmed" and hungry
for more, do get in touch with us.   

His servants & yours,
Johnny & Becky

P.S. If you have a few spare minutes,
click the
ABOUT US link in the top menu
and read our tragic- happy tale of -
treadmill of repeatedly
telling people to do
what they already know
they should be doing
but are not doing?
Grace4Life - Christianity Rediscovered
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WHERE are Johnny & Becky Long now? Since mid-2011, after
16 years in Africa and England, we continue working full-time with
SERGE (formerly World Harvest Mission) from our home offices in
Hendersonville (Western) NC.  
As a Cross-cultural Renewal &
Leadership Development Specialist for SERGE,
I develop and
teach grace-based discipleship materials
with a focus on Africa.
Please email me at to receive quarterly ministry
. Grace, mercy, peace & love, Johnny & Becky
John W Long, Jr. Webmaster
London, England
     ! NEWS !
to our THREE
discipleship manuals:
1. SONSHIP for Africa (English 2nd
Edition of 2018
2. Grâce pour la Vie (i.e. SONSHIP for
translated into French), and
3. Grace4Life ("English-English" for the
UK, but is finding
and ever-widening use
in North American churches).

Questions? E-mail me at: - or

1. SONSHIP for Africa

(click image to enlarge)

NOTE RE: The cover & authorship &
copyright pages.
The inclusion of those
is required under International
copyright law.
Thank you!

As always, all of our courses are FREE of
charge and must never  be sold.
NOTE: In, there are two
"pages" in the folder.
On page 1 you will find my BoxNote to
YOU, the entire manual in one 18.2 MB
file, then the individual lessons - useful
for handouts.
On page 2, you
will find the Appendixes. Be sure not to
miss that file!You are free to print the full
manual - or use any of the individual files.
BUT, know that the course is designed
to be used in a certain order.
The impact
of it is lost if you try to cherry pick, say,
the lesson on repentance or forgiveness
without having laid the foun-dation of the
earlier chapters. Trust me, I've seen this
tried by well-meaning pastors, and the
disciples just don't get it - perhaps
because the teacher didn't either!

2. GRACE pour la Vie

(click image to enlarge)

French 2016 2nd Edition - a  
transalation of SONSHIP for Africa. may ask you for "the original"
(French). Click on that,  since the English
translation of some of the lesson titles is
AND, for important information on how
you may print the lessons in Euro A4
format on USA Letter size paper (using
Adobe Reader, etc.) download this PDF.

3. Grace4Life

(click image to enlarge)
A question for you Pastors,
Parents, Disciplers and
Wannabe Missionaries...
(Democratic Republic of Congo)! Not only are they offering medical
care to needy people, they are training Burundian and Congolese doctors
and nurses,  using  
Grâce por la Vie (The SONSHIP for Africa course
translated into French) to evangelise and disciple their students and
Why is this wise? Because Christian doctors, nurses and medical
assistants know t
hat every patient they treat and cure, will one day die
and face The Judge of All The Earth. (I think of poor Lazarus. Jesus raised
him from the dead, but he had to die again!) So, healing sick bodies is holy
and good. Jesus did it! But then He did so much more! He laid down His life
as an atoning sacrifice for our sins! So, there's a vast difference between  
saving lives (viz. Lazarus) and SAVING lives, between in healing a body
and HEALING a heart that is separated from God. So, sharing the Gospel,
discipling their patients and fellow staff with the Gospel, gives us THE
ULTIMATE HEALING - a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who is wise wins
souls." - Proverbs 11:30
Regarding the Grace4Life (G4L) course:
We wrote this 12-lesson course expressly for the UK while mentoring
pastors and laypeople there from 2005-2011. We continue to revise the
course, and it is finding wide use in PCA, EPC and other churches in the
We Yanks (er, Americans), will find some of the spellings, syntax and
idioms strange - but most folks find them
quite delightful!
Speaking of the which, the Brits use lots of "quites" to avoid sounding
dogmatic - though a "quite" can also blunt the joy of a compliment, i.e.,
"You look quite nice." Me? I would much rather look "nice."
Speaking of the which, the Brits also use lots of "rathers" in the same
way. Husband to wife:
"You look rather ravishing this evening, dear."
That is rather deflating, don't you think? Quite! (Which may also be used
as an exclamation!) And, in context, may not diminish another person's
assertion, but reinforce it, as in:
"You are quite right! Quite right
(The Brits also use a lof of "indeeds," but we'll leave it at that.)

IMPORTANT: As with our other courses, G4L .PDF files are in the
European A4 format.
NO PROBLEM! Download the .PDF (link below) for instructions on how to
print the lessons on "Letter" size (8 1/2 x 11") paper.
This .PDF also includes copyright printing permissions as well as some
helpful hints on where you might teach the course - classroom,  Sunday
School (not great), home  groups (super!), etc.

OKAY, my Sisters & Brothers, that's it! QUESTIONS? See my e-mails at
the top of this column.


Grace, mercy, peace & love,
Johnny & Becky